I thank all my friends and family who loved and supported me during these 2 years of travel through the 7 circles of Hell. It is to you that I dedicate this effort to provide healing through humor.

First, I must thank Dr. Frank Zizzo who gave me back myself.

I thank Bina and Brian Garfield and Marilyn Altman who provided safe houses for my dog, Max, and for me when we fled from our home.

There are four special people who have been essential to this project. Robert King's web development talent has given life to this site; Sinclair Seibert's artistry has created our identity; Dr. Alexis Kirk's inspiration has shown that the sand in the oyster may be used to create a pearl and Rev. Bernard Goodman who has shown me the clear path to follow my dream and how to make it a reality.

This project would have been impossible without the constant support of Leslie Harris; Linea Harvey; Dan Brecher, Esq.; Melba Londono, Brian Allan Lane, Esq. and David and Vivian Weinstein.

I thank my dear friends Dr. Lenard and Elizabeth Jacobson; Harish and Shoba Tekchand; Jan McGuire; Colin Policky and Jennifer O'Neill; John and Linda Coleman; Sidney and Joan Sussman; Andi Copley, Dr. Michael Levine; Peter Marcovicci; Grace Urrows; Michelle Pippin; Philip Friedman; Dr. Lenore Brick, Caryl Picker; Juan Carlos Villaquiran and family; Samantha Neiman; Casey Cannon; Ivan Coso; Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, Ted Carpenter; Pamela Beatty; Dr. Robert Hutcherson; Dr. Judith Reichman; Shri Kari Spache; Panne Hamilton; Dr. Gary Tearston and everyone at The Cranberry House.

My special gratitude is extended to those who have contributed their talent during the inaugural phase of thedivorceforum.com. They are: Lenord Robinson, Mark Patt, Esq., Sean Crespo, Mark Singer, Sally Franz, Deborah Goodwin, Tony DeLorenzo, Dan Couvrette and Nick Dubois.

I thank all of you who remembered who I am whenever I forgot.