About the DivorceForum's™ New Affiliate Program

Now you can earn additional income
with the Divorce Forum®!

Get paid for introducing your friends, family and associates to the Divorce Forum® and Ask The Divorce Coach, Susan Allan’s trainings and books

We are happy to announce that now we'll pay you for referring people to The Divorce Forum® and our unique information. The Divorce Forum’s® new "Nanocasting" affiliate program is the first of its kind and pays ongoing residual payments for every referral that joins the program to market our books and videos.

What is an affiliate program?

Online affiliate programs, sometimes called revenue-sharing programs, allow website owners ("the Affiliate") the opportunity to earn money by referring visitors to products and services provided by another business ("the Affiliate Partner") in exchange for a commission on sales made as a result of the visit.

The Divorce Forum® "Nanocasting" Affiliate Program

The Divorce Forum® "Nanocasting" Affiliate program combines the conventional affiliate program for tracking sales and commissions with streaming radio interviews to give the Divorce Forum® Affiliates the most powerful selling tool available... Susan Allan, herself.

By placing a simple strip of code on your web page you will be able to bring America’s leading divorce coach and Ask The Divorce Coach columnist, Susan Allan, to your website to help you earn commissions for referring new members.

The Nanocasting Affiliate code allows you to web-cast recorded radio interviews with Susan Allan discussing the benefits of The Divorce Forum® training videos and E-books. The interviews are designed to educate and create interest in the products which generates affiliate sales. When a visitor listens and then joins, you receive a monthly commission for as long as that referral remains a member of the Association.

So many of Susan Allan’s private clients and those who read her columns; hear her on the radio and see her on television have always told friends and family about her work in surviving, healing from and even how they may avoid divorce. Finally, you can be paid for all the referrals you send. You can earn money each month by introducing your website visitors to The Divorce Forum®, to Ask The Divorce Coach, Susan Allan and by allowing her to add revenue to your website. When you join The Divorce Forum’s® Affiliate Program, all you have to do is set up links to our site from your site, and we'll do the rest. Every time a visitor joins the program through the link on your site, you earn an ongoing monthly commission for as long as the person remains a member.

Who Should Join?

  • Attorneys, mediators, divorce financial planners, coaches, therapists, divorce experts, relationship experts, entrepreneurs, and experts in related services
  • E-Newsletter & E-zine publishers; list and directory managers who serve small businesses
  • Hosting companies and community organizers that serve small businesses
  • Anyone who has small business clients, customers or associates
  • Anyone who does marketing for his or her own company or for anyone else's company

Why Should I Join?

  • High Commissions. Affiliates receive 30% of cost of the monthly membership.
  • Residual Income. Affiliates receive the monthly commissions for as long as the referred member stays active.
  • Easy to promote. The program allows you bring Susan Allan and The Divorce Forum® products to your website to help you generate sales. By placing a simple piece of code on your web site, you'll be able to web-cast recorded radio interviews with Susan Allan discussing these unique products right on your site. The interviews will educate your guests, create interest and help you generate sales and profits.
  • Add Value to Your Site. By joining the program, you're helping your visitors and clients gain access to the latest no cost/low cost divorce information.
  • It's passive Income -- the best kind of all. By joining The Divorce Forum’s® Nanocasting Affiliate Program you can add an additional source of revenue to your website.
  • 24/7 Access to your stats. Totally reliable, accurate real-time reporting. Check your sales stats online, any time.

How Do We Pay You and How Often?

Your affiliate commission check will be issued in U.S. dollars, via www.PayPal.com - the safest fast way to pay online. You may wish to have your firm join www.paypal.com to facilitate payment. The link for this is: https://www.paypal.com/mrb/pal=A3FP49EM8395N

You'll be paid each month on the 5th of the month. For example, commissions for the month of February would be paid on the 5th of March.

How to Join and What to Do Next?

Read our Affiliate Agreement and JOIN NOW!.

Look for your confirmation email with complete instructions on how to implement your program.

Choose the sales tools you think would best work on your site or in your newsletter.

This is a unique affiliate program designed to increase the revenues of all affiliates because of the powerful product, powerful marketing, and powerful technology. The best time to sign up? Right Now. For any questions, please send us an email at : affiliates@thedivorceforum.com or phone us at 805-695-8405

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