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When you consider life after divorce, what comes to mind? Do you imagine yourself as the gay divorcee, with a younger man in tow, dancing the night away? Do you picture yourself at The Peninsula Hotel bar, having girls fight over you?

If this is your fantasy after years of marriage, I have one suggestion that has worked miracles for me and for many others: Dr. Robert Hutcherson, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to the stars.

So brilliant is his work that I have lived all the fantasies imaginable since my divorce. I first met this brilliant doctor in 1998 and luckily I proceeded with transformation before my emergency divorce. Though every woman who receives a Hutcherson face lift may not become engaged to an adorable and brilliant multi-millionaire, receive diamonds and fly to Paris; within 18 months of my surgery it all happened to me. And 3 years later, I was pursued madly by a yummy man 10 years my junior who insisted repeatedly and even in daylight, that I wasn’t too old for him. As a child, looking like Mommy is exciting but once you’re past forty, it’s scary, isn’t it?

“Plastic surgery provides my patients with their own inner beauty made visible.” Robert Hutcherson, M.D., Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery, even the most brilliant and natural work of Robert Hutcherson, cannot provide you with substance and sanity during divorce, but giving yourself “the gift of a lift” will save a lot of PANIC and AGONY when you consider your future. The first impression that you make, reentering the dating world impacts your self-respect, optimism and opportunities. While looks are certainly not everything, the energy that we project, the bounce in our step and the ability to pursue our goals is directly related to our own self image. When you have a totally natural eye lift or face lift, within a few weeks you forget your date of birth and your new, younger, healthier image becomes you. This remarkable result encourages you to “go for it”!

“When my patients look in the mirror, after recovering from surgery, they enjoy seeing a reflection of vitality, health, and peace. That is the true essence of beauty. ” Robert Hutcherson, M.D., Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

Dr. Robert Hutcherson’s work is so natural that one of my friends said after surgery, “This is exactly the way I was supposed to look!”

Dear Divorce Coach©,

I have evidence that my husband’s secretary is his girlfriend, including credit card bills, late nights “at work” and missing weekends away. The worst part is she looks JUST like I used to when we married What should I do?


Beauty and The Beast

Dear Beauty,

The decision before you is whether or not to recreate “the original” model, you. Is your need for a loving marriage with your husband enough to regain your more youthful beauty? If so, call Dr. Hutcherson immediately. If you feel angry because of your need for honesty and respect, consider that after surgery you will have many more options than now.

Sincerely yours,

The Divorce Coach©

Dear Divorce Coach©,

My wife wants plastic surgery and she keeps nagging. But I love her just the way she is. Does this mean she is planning to leave me?


About Face

Dear About,

If your marriage is solid, your wife probably wants to feel more attractive for you and for herself. If you have concerns about her motives, responding positively to her new look will offer her the love, lust and romance at home that she may be desperate to find elsewhere.

Sincerely yours,

The Divorce Coach©

Dear Divorce Coach©

I am hoping that if I have surgery to look younger and more beautiful that my marriage can be saved. However, that seems like a pretty desperate move to me and I’m not sure if I want to. What do you think?


Inner Radiance

Dear Inner,

It has not been my experience that “marriages are saved” by plastic surgery, only that romance and sexuality may be greatly enhanced because the patient feels more attractive and desirable afterwards. The true glue that holds a husband to his wife and vice versa is always more than the need for beauty. The original attraction that brings the couple together is also more complex than our body parts that may be surgically altered. Just as we have five senses and sight is only one, we each have many other essential needs.

Sincerely yours,

The Divorce Coach©

The truest approach to physical beauty is to consider it as only one of our many assets. Each era has it’s own “beauty queens”, with radical differences in height, weight and facial features that are revered. However, at any time in history it is the magnetism and life force that is universal. After plastic surgery, many patients report a new-found energy that has been missing for many years. This comes from the effect of looking in the mirror and enjoying the view after a long time of looking at themselves and thinking, “Who is this old person? Can that really be me? “

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